Real time connectivity that can make a real difference
to your healthcare organisation and your patients.


Secure, mobile communication and collaboration to improve patient care


The mobile medical alerting add-on that ensures faster and safer patient care.

Security Overview

With full encryption of data both at rest and in transit, we provide communication and collaboration technology specifically designed to meet the strict security and information governance requirements in healthcare while delivering the mobility and reliability of cloud computing.

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Business Continuity

We provide highly scalable, distributed, redundant and on demand infrastructure. Our data is triplicated with automatic failover and online backup. We implement 24/7 service monitoring, application health surveillance and regular performance evaluation.

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Information Governance

DocCom is ISO 27001 certified and has an NHS Information Governance Statement of compliance. DocCom’s products are secure, encrypted and compliant for sharing patient identifiable data and images.

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eHealth Insider: Mobile on the wards

The government’s health technology funds have invigorated the nursing observations and vital signs markets – and brought in new entrants. Fiona Barr looks at the options, talks to trusts about the benefits, and collects tips for organisations that want to move in the same direction. Read more…